We're a team of passionate individuals who have been designing and producing high-quality BJJ GI's, Compression Wear, Jiu Jitsu and MMA equipment for over 25 years. We're constantly striving to push the boundaries and provide our customers with the best possible products.
Our idea for WYRM sports was born from the frustration we had while trying to find products that would meet our needs as athletes. Our experience told us that many products available on the market are not designed with athletes in mind, and as a result, they don't provide the quality or functionality they need.
We started designing custom BJJ GIs because there are so few that accurately represent a fighter’s style and look. Most GI’s on the market are generic and don't really reflect who you are as a fighter. We want our GIs to be unique, modern and reflect your unique fighting style. Our modern graphics will give your opponents something to look at other than your technique while you are on the mat competing.
We design and hand-stitch all of our boxing gloves with the fighter in mind. Our gloves are designed to be lightweight and fast, giving you the speed and power you need to succeed in the ring. Our passion for boxing drives everything we do. We're constantly testing new designs and materials to ensure that our gloves provide the best possible experience for our customers.
Our products have been recommended by world-class athletes and are used by champions all over the world. With years of experience in the martial arts and design, our products are perfect for those who demand the best. We understand the importance of having high quality equipment and strive to provide our customers with the best possible products. Our equipment is recommended by athletes for its premium quality and durability.
We were sick of the boring, unflattering compression wear that was out there. We wanted to create something that was stylish and flattering, while still being functional.
So we set out to create the best compression wear on the market. We use only premium quality materials, and our designs are always new and fresh. We want our customers to look and feel their best, whether they’re working out or just going about their day.
We have always been advocates for quality gear that helps improve one's training and performance. When we started WYRM Sports, we knew that we had to create products and services that would not only enhance the training experience, but also better protect athletes. We take pride in our reputation for providing high quality products at affordable prices.



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