Wolf Red MMA Fight Gloves
Wolf Red MMA Fight Gloves
Wolf Red MMA Fight Gloves
Wolf Red MMA Fight Gloves
Wolf Red MMA Fight Gloves
Wolf Red MMA Fight Gloves
Wolf Red MMA Fight Gloves
Wolf Red MMA Fight Gloves

Wolf Red MMA Fight Gloves

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Crafted from best quality artificial leather and backed with years of gloves construction expertise, our light weight MMA Gloves ensure excellent shock absorption due to their high-density foam padding to give you maximum protection during fights or training. Wrap around Velcro strap provides firm grip reducing the risk of wrist injury. Designed to withstand wear and tear in the most gruesome fight sessions, they are the best choice for mixed martial arts training.

Wolf Series MMA Fight Gloves use an advanced, scientifically engineered fabric to provide the fighter with the perfect amount of support and flexibility. The flexible, moisture-wicking fabric will keep your hands cool and dry while you're punching and kicking, maximizing your performance.

They are designed to improve your punching power and accuracy. The unique construction of the gloves provides a snug fit for both hand positions, while the soft foam padding distributes impact evenly throughout your hands.

  • Completely Handcrafted
  • Made with high quality Synthetic Leather
  • Reinforced stitching for durability
  • High-density foam padding
  • Suitable for pad or heavy bag training
  • Wrap around Velcro strap .
  • Sold in pairs

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    Appealing Design

    Get ready to unleash your inner beast with the Wolf Red Series boxing and MMA equipment. Designed with a vibrant and attractive red and black color scheme, this gear is not only eye-catching but also delivers top-notch performance. The gloves are crafted using high-quality materials to ensure maximum protection for your hands while delivering powerful blows. With its durable construction, the punching bag can withstand even the toughest hits, making it perfect for intense training sessions. Complete your look with the matching shin guards that provide superior support and cushioning, allowing you to kick harder and faster than ever before. Dominate the ring or octagon like never before with the Wolf Red Series.

    Train Different

    Elevate your training game with the Wolf Red Series boxing and MMA equipment that promises a whole new level of intensity. Whether you're a beginner looking to improve your technique or a seasoned fighter aiming for greatness, this all-inclusive range has got you covered. The ergonomic design not only provides unmatched comfort but also enhances performance by allowing full range of motion during workouts. From gloves that offer optimal wrist support to shin guards that deliver ultimate protection, each piece in this series is carefully crafted using cutting-edge technology to help you train smarter and harder than ever before.

    Fighters Choice

    The Wolf Red Series - where precision meets power, and champions are molded. Step into the ring with our scientifically engineered boxing and MMA equipment that is designed to enhance your performance like never before. Crafted with utmost attention to detail, these high-quality gears offer unparalleled durability and protection, ensuring you can fight with confidence every time. From gloves that provide a perfect fit and maximum impact absorption to shin guards that shield against bone-crushing kicks, our Wolf Red Series will take your training to new heights. Unleash your inner beast and conquer the competition with this revolutionary line of combat gear.

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