Pounder Black/White Head Guard
Pounder Black/White Head Guard
Pounder Black/White Head Guard
Pounder Black/White Head Guard
Pounder Black/White Head Guard

Pounder Black/White Head Guard

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Designed to last durably, our Head Guards provide the ultimate protection in boxing, Muay Thai, MMA or standard martial art training. Handcrafted with genuine Leather and multi layered padding, the head guard will effectively safeguard the head, chin and the cheeks from all sorts of intense blows during training or competition.

  • Made with genuine Leather
  • Completely handcrafted
  • Mesh ear cover for ventilation
  • Enforced stitching for durability
  • Ultimate comfort, flexibility and Protection

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    Classic Design

    The world of combat sports has witnessed a remarkable shift in recent years, as athletes continuously strive for both functionality and style in their equipment. Enter the Pounder Series, a brand that is revolutionizing the industry by reimagining traditional boxing and MMA gear with sleek black and white designs. This innovative line of equipment not only offers top-notch performance but also ensures fighters look their best while stepping into the ring or cage.

    With its distinct black and white color scheme, the Pounder Series stands out from the crowd of generic gear options available on the market. The minimalist design exudes an air of sophistication, seamlessly blending classic aesthetics with modern technology. Whether it's gloves, headgear, shin guards, or any other essential piece of fight gear, athletes can now make a statement without compromising on quality.

    Durable Materials

    Pounder Series, a series that specializes in creating durable and long-lasting equipment for fighters. From gloves to shin guards, this collection is designed to withstand the toughest blows while providing maximum protection.

    The secret behind the durability of Pounder Series lies in its choice of materials. Each piece of gear is made from high-quality synthetic leather that is known for its exceptional strength and resistance. This ensures that your equipment won't easily tear or deteriorate, even after countless training sessions or intense fights. Additionally, Pounder Series incorporates reinforced stitching techniques that enhance the overall durability of the products.

    Built For Fighters

    Pounder Series is specifically designed for fighters who demand the best. With its relentless commitment to quality and functionality, this series is a game-changer in combat sports equipment. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting your journey in the ring, Pounder gear has got you covered.

    At the heart of the Pounder Series is its focus on durability. Each piece of gear is built to withstand countless intense training sessions and fights, ensuring that they hold up against even the most powerful punches and kicks. Made from high-grade materials that prioritize strength without compromising comfort, fighters can train with confidence knowing their equipment won't let them down.

    Not only does Pounder gear deliver on durability, but it also boasts innovative design features that enhance performance.

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