The Ultimate Fighting Gloves Guide


Whether you're a beginner or an experienced boxer, having a pair of quality gloves for boxing is vital to your safety and success. Boxing gloves are padded gloves that boxers use during training and matches. They're designed to safeguard the wearer and their opponents from injury when fighting. The padding of boxing gloves helps cushion blows from punches while making it easier to throw an attack without hurting your hand.

There are a variety of gloves for boxing that are used to fulfill a specific function or situation. These include training, sparring, bag, and competition gloves. Different types of gloves could differ in weight, padding level, and design. They also have other aspects.

Types of Boxing Gloves


Training Gloves

Training gloves are utilized for fitness classes in boxing sparring and boxing bags for training. They're made of synthetic materials such as polyurethane. These gloves come with wrist support, foam padding, and thumb locks that prevent injuries and allow longer training sessions.

If you're searching for an all-purpose boxing glove, training gloves are the ideal choice due to their ideal balance of speed and security. They're designed to take the rigors and pressures of routine training involving many heavy bags. However, they are also excellent boxing gloves for pads, drills, and aerobic exercises such as boxercise. Particular training gloves could work well for sparring based on their padding; however, you must consult your trainer or coach before applying them.

Bag Gloves

Bag gloves are utilized to train using a heavy bag to improve endurance and stamina. They have a thin, lightweight design that permits rapid punching. Bag gloves provide some protection against injuries; however, they are not as effective as padded gloves for training. We recommend wearing a pair of training gloves if you intend to carry out lots of heavy bag related work.

Sparring Gloves

Sparring gloves are worn to fight with an opponent. They're like training gloves but with the comfort of a contoured, comfortable design that provides protection for the wrist and padding. These gloves are designed to safeguard you and your companion from accidental knockouts, head and face injuries.

Their lightweight permits long workouts. Sparring gloves may not be as light as gloves for competition. To ensure your safety, you and your trainer should agree on the kind of glove you'll be using prior to a match. Any gloves that are approved to be used for sparring can be considered. Certain boxers might prefer to wear training gloves to sparring for example.

Competition Boxing Gloves 

Boxing gloves for competition, Also known as professional gloves, are worn for professional boxing matches. Rules for professional boxing stipulate that gloves used in competition weigh 8 pounds or 10 oz depending on the company sponsoring or coordinating the event. The professional gloves are typically lighter than non-competition ones, constructed with a more firm padding, and feature lace-up designs. These features serve the following functions:

  • Lighter weight can help competitors be more agile.
  • Professionally-approved regulations and standards. Laces are an example since most high-end competitions do not allow hook or loop-type fasteners. Trainers typically apply tape to the laces before the game to keep them from becoming loose.
  • Maximizing your chance of knocking off your opponent. The thicker padding allows you to make as much destruction as possible using your punches. But, you must be aware that you'll lose the protection that soft gloves offer your hands.

Due to the design and function of professional gloves for boxing, it is best not to wear gloves outside of competition frequently to protect the security of your trainers as well as the hygiene of your own hands.

Construction & Materials 

What are gloves for boxing made out of?

Although they were initially made entirely of leather, many gloves for boxing are now constructed with synthetic materials. The advantages of leather-based construction are higher quality, greater durability, and less moisture in the glove due to its air-tight nature. Synthetic gloves also offer numerous advantages. They're cheaper than leather ones, easier to wash, and the smooth surface will not catch in a bag of training equipment or human targets.

What are gloves for boxing packed with?

Boxing gloves used to be stuffed with horsehair padding. However, today, most gloves are filled with foam made of latex. While gloves with horsehair padding can pack more punch, their security characteristics aren't as good as they could be. Foam padding, in contrast, provides more cushioning against impact.

Lace-Up, in contrast to Hook and Loop Boxing Gloves

Boxing gloves are available that have lace-up or Hook and Loop closures. These gloves have two lace crossings tied to secure the user's hands. They are snugger; however, they typically require more time to put on as they require someone else to tie them for you. Gloves with hooks and loops are fast and straightforward to slip on and remove. But, they won't fit as well, and hooks and loop fasteners will eventually lose their grip over time.

Size & Weight

How much weight do the gloves for boxing weigh?

Boxing gloves vary in weight depending on how much padding they are made of. Most adult boxing gloves weigh between 8 to 20 oz to 20 grams each. You can also discover 4 or 6 oz. or 6 oz gloves for children, or 22 oz and 24 oz gloves for people who want an additional-large size glove.

It is generally accepted that oversized gloves provide more excellent protection for the hands of the wearer because of their padding. Someone concerned about his hands' safety and avoiding injury could opt to wear larger gloves due to this. Although lighter gloves offer lesser padding, they also allow the wearer to move and punch their hands faster, which is why they are preferred by those who prefer speed over security.

What does a professional's glove for boxing weigh?

Professionals generally wear smaller boxing gloves compared to gloves they use to practice sparring or training. The fighters will decide on the gloves' weight before the fight. While 10 ounces gloves have become the sought-after choice for professional competitions. You'll typically encounter 8 to 10 Oz gloves in classes with lighter weights.

What size boxing glove should I buy?   

The ideal size of your boxing glove is primarily determined by the weight you carry. In general, the heavier the user, the greater the weight of the glove.

Care & Maintenance  

What is the best way to clean gloves for boxing?   

The sweaty gloves of boxing gloves are sources of bacteria when they're not kept clean. Cleaning your gloves will ensure they are free of odor and keep them in good condition for longer. To properly clean your gloves, Follow these steps:

  1. Wipe the inside and the outside of your gloves using an unclean cloth or towel to soak up any excess moisture.
  2. Cleanse the insides of your gloves by using half vinegar and one-half water mixture. Spray bottles are ideal for making them easy to apply.
  3. Spray the gloves' exterior using the exact solution of vinegar and water. Clean them afterward.
  4. Allow the gloves to dry in the air. The gloves should be opened as wide as possible to completely dry. When drying gloves outside, ensure you don't let them dry out in the sun for too long.

Additional Cleaning Tips:

  • For a different method of drying alternative, you can also pack your gloves with newspaper.
  • Do not store your gloves in your bag used for the gym for long durations of time, as the absence of airflow can hinder them from drying and allow the growth of bacteria and lingering odors to linger.

Can you put gloves made of boxing in a washer and dryer?

It is not recommended to put your gloves that are boxing in a machine to wash, or the dryer can cause damage and rips to the gloves. Instead, dry them with air. Gloves by following the methods above.

How long will the gloves of a boxer last?

The typical first pair of gloves for boxing will last between 1 and 3 years. However, the durability of your gloves will depend on a myriad of aspects, such as how often and vigorously you train. Boxing gloves made of higher-quality materials are also more durable than those made of inferior materials. If you're hoping to get the most use from your gloves possible, it might be wise to buy a top-quality (i.e., higher-priced) pair.

Budget-conscious boxers can prolong the life of their gloves by maintaining proper care of their gloves. Cleaning your gloves adhering to the procedure above will protect the gloves from damage and wear, excess wear and tear, odor, worn straps, and other indications of wear.


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